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Good Keto Snack Bars

Nutribar Good Keto bars are the perfect dessert treat or on-the-go snack to support your Keto lifestyle goals.

About Us

Nutribar has been helping Canadians achieve a healthy lifestyle since 1979. Proudly approved by Health Canada, our nutritionally complete bars are formulated under high standards established by Canadian Government Food Guidelines.

We get that life is busy, and that there isn’t always time to prepare a healthy meal. Our delectable bars are individually packaged, nutritious and filling. We like to call it nutrition on the go.

We have a Nutribar Plan to help you succeed!

What makes the Nutribar plan so successful is the fact that there is a whole team of experts here wanting to help you achieve your goals, whether it is to start eating healthier, or to maintain or lose weight. In this section we provide you with all the tools to help you succeed.

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